What is Ordenone


ORDENONE was developed by Belle-Aire independently of our normal fragrance technology in order to provide our customers with a unique alternative to eliminate malodor problems without masking fragrances. This odorless product works on the most basic reactive chemical levels to "surround" odor-causing molecules.

The configuration of the active component in Ordenone, it is thought, has a somewhat mobile shape that allows some movement of ring atoms. This flexible adaptation to the shape of a malodor molecule allows it to be trapped within Ordenone on a semi-permanent basis. The complete system of Ordenone has other synergists that enhance this ability. After entrapment the odor molecule is no longer able to react with the odor-sensing receptor enzymes of the nasal sites. The associations created between Ordenone and the malodors are of a semi-permanent nature; therefore the malodor will in effect be eliminated. Of course, the entrapment of malodor molecules is limited by the availability of Ordenone structures to surround them. Therefore saturation may occur and the odor may reappear, but at a greatly reduced level. It is therefore important to realize that the concentration of Ordenone involved in any attempt to eliminate odors is an important consideration. Reapplication may be necessary as will the removal of the source of the odor from the area to be deodorized.

Since Ordenone is not a volatile compound and will not complex with odor molecules unless it has come in contact with them under the right conditions, additional technology may be used to control odor that is transient in the air, such as Belle-Aire’s O.M. technology.

Ordenone will eliminate malodors if the odor-containing stream of air is passed through a substrate treated with Ordenone. As a final word, particularly relating to the use of Ordenone in personal hygiene applications, we would point out that Ordenone has no effect on the normal bacterial processes of the skin. Therefore it is a totally safe method of personal deodorization with no adverse biological effects.